Freshness, Untapped

Experience Uncompromised Quality with Monaco Pearl's Infusion Technology Wellness Beverages

Today’s drinks – energy, vitamin, and all others – have ingredients that immediately start to degrade after bottling. This is due to aerobic environment of traditionally packaged drinks. Not anymore! The special ingredients in all our beverages are stored and protected in an anaerobic environment in a proprietary pressurized Vessl cap.
Opening the bottle with a simple twist activates the patented technology known as Vessl Infusion. Upon activation the ingredients are released into the liquid and are consumed instantly with no degradation to the ingredients for maximum

Frequently asked questions

How does the cap work?

Vessl™ is a closure (i.e. bottle cap) that stores fresh ingredients inside a nitrogen-pressurized, oxygen-depleted chamber. This keeps the ingredients sealed and fresh without preservatives, protects them from oxidation, and prevents harmful exposure to UV light. When the Vessl™ closure is twisted, the ingredients are propelled from the chamber and instantly mix with the liquid inside the bottle.

Are the bottles BPA free and recyclable?

All Monaco Pearl bottles, including the caps, are BPA free and 100% recyclable.

Does Monaco Pearl need to be refrigerated?

Monaco Pearl is best experienced after refrigeration however does not require refrigeration prior to opening. Once opened, the bottle should be refrigerated.

How long can I enjoy Monaco Pearl after opening?

Monaco Pearl should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 48 hours after firing the cap.

What type of water is used to produce Monaco Pearl?

Monaco Pearl uses Reverse Osmosis water in every bottle of Monaco Pearl.